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RM3.50 - RM44.50
FA/FB Type Flange (16MM, 25MM, 32MM, 40MM, 50MM, 63MM, 80MM, 100MM) Standard Cylinder Accessories
Price RM3.50 - RM44.50
Product SKU FA/FB Type Flange
Size (L x W x H) 7.2 cm x 4.6 cm x 5 cm
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Pneumatic cylinder accessories are used for mounting or for coupling it to a load. This accessory is mainly used for RAS / TBC Standard Cylinders. Mounting accessories will affect system performance, reliability, and overall design.

✔ Material: Cast Steel
✔ Temperature: 0-70℃
✔ Speed Range: 50~800mm/s
✔ Bore Size: 16; Used with RAS-16 (All Stroke Sizes)
✔ Bore Size: 20; Used with RAS-20 (All Stroke Sizes) & RAL-20 (All Stroke Sizes)
✔ Bore Size: 25;  Used with RAS-25 (All Stroke Sizes) & RAL-25 (All Stroke Sizes)
✔ Bore Size: 32; Used with RAS-32 (All Stroke Sizes) & RAL-32 (All Stroke Sizes) & TBC-32 (All Stroke Sizes)
✔ Bore Size: 40; Used with TBC-40 (All Stroke Sizes), RAS-40 (All Stroke Sizes) & RAL-40 (All Stroke Sizes)
✔ Bore Size: 50; Used with TBC-50 (All Stroke Sizes)
✔ Bore Size: 63​; Used with TBC-63 (All Stroke Sizes)
✔ Bore Size: 80; Used with TBC-80 (All Stroke Sizes)
✔ Bore Size: 100​; Used with TBC-100 (All Stroke Sizes)

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